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The Administrative and Financial Services Department provides financial reporting and essential support services for all City Departments.

The Department consists of two divisions: Contracts & Procurement Division and City Controller Division. The City Controller Division consists of Accounts Payable, Payroll, Debt & Investment Management and compliance Accounting/Reporting.

Central Accounting
  • Maintain the accounting records for all funds, projects and programs.
  • Provide internal and external financial reports.
  • Provide accounts payable, payroll, and other financial services support to City departments.
  • Monitor and assist in reporting grant expenditures.
  • Process all City financial transactions.
  • Manage the City's bonded indebtedness, including structuring debt issues and assuring continuing compliance with bond covenants.
  • Record and deposit City funds.
  • Quarterly Treasurer's Report
  • Monitor and assist other City Departments in established cash procedures.
  • Invest City monies using professional standards of safety and liquidity to achieve maximum investment yields.
  • Reconcile all bank accounts to the City's accounting records.
  • Monitor daily bank balances and collateralization needs.
  • Serve as the primary contact with the banking community and investment providers.
  • Monitor and report on investments and investment earnings.

The Contracts & Procurement Division is responsible to
  • Provide an efficient, economical, and effective method of acquiring goods and services to meet the needs of our internal customers.
  • Ensure a fair and competitive bidding process involving all vendors: local, small business, minority, women owned, disadvantaged, large, state, and national.

This division is directed by Jay Oyler, Division Head.

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