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How do I get a DVD copy of the City Council meeting?

City Council meeting are replayed on City4 that same week on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 a.m. DVDs may be purchased by calling 785-368-3968 or emailing You will be asked to complete a Kansas Open Records Request form and there is a $50 charge, paid in advance, for (up to) a six-hour DVD.

When will this week's City Council meeting be replayed on City4?

Council meetings are cablecast live on Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. They are then replayed the same week on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 a.m. City4 is also always streaming on the web at

How can I place a message on City4's message board?

As a government access television station, City4's message board pertains exclusively to City government programs and services and to public safety education and announcements. A local cable station that accepts community announcements at no charge is the Washburn University student TV station, WUCT, (785) 670-1505.

What is the program schedule for City4 television?

Find the current program guide at

Where can I view current City news releases or obtain copies of other City documents?

News releases are available here. Copies of most official City documents may be obtained through the City Clerk's office, City Hall, Room 166, 215 SE 7th, (785) 368-3940. You can also email You may be asked to complete an Open Records Request form and you may be charged for photocopying.

What special activities are going on in Topeka City government this week?

Our Community Events Calendar and Public Meeting Calendars are posted on the City's webpage. To receive the weekly schedule via email subscription click here.

Where can I call for general information about City government?

You can call our office at (785) 368-0991, or you may call the Mayor's office at (785) 368-3895. For assistance with constituent concerns, contact the City Council office at (785) 368-3710.

What is City4?

City4 is the government access cable television channel for the City of Topeka.

What is the difference between cablecast television and broadcast television?

Broadcast television is an analog or digital signal transmitted via the airwaves to your antenna or satellite dish. Cablecast television is an analog or digital signal sent via cable or fiber lines provided by the local cable franchise holder. In Topeka, you can find City4 on Cox Communications (Channel 4) and AT&T UVerse (Channel 99 – then select and download us!).

What is a government access channel?

The Federal Communications Commission established three types of non-profit cable television stations that franchise operators normally provide to a local community at no charge as part of the franchise agreement. They are: 1) Public access, 2) Educational access, and 3) Government access. These PEG stations are governed by different FCC rules than the rules pertaining to commercial stations. Normally all three PEG stations are present in a local cable market as a sort of public service, in order to provide a broad spectrum of non-profit programming.

Does Topeka have all three PEG stations?

No. When cable television was first established in Topeka in 1984, the contract with the franchise provider established two Educational stations (operated by USD 501, and Washburn University) and a Government access station (City4). We have never had a Public access station in the greater Topeka cable market, nor is there one under the current contract.

What kind of programming does a government access station provide?

By FCC definition, a government access station may be used only for government news and information.
Our City4 programming includes:

  • Live cablecasts of City meetings, such as the City Council and Topeka Planning Commission meetings
  • Taped cablecasts of County Commission meetings, news conferences, special events, etc.
  • Video documentaries and infomercials explaining City government projects, activities, and services
  • A message board of public safety notices and messages about City government projects, activities, and services
  • Public safety information

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