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If you are new to the Topeka and Shawnee County area or are moving to a new location within the vicinity, we would like to make your application for City utilities service as easy as possible. To that end, application and billing service for the following utilities/services are consolidated into a single City of Topeka Utilities Service Account:

Topeka Water
Topeka Water Pollution Control Stormwater
Topeka Water Pollution Control Wastewater
Shawnee County Wastewater
Shawnee County Refuse (if elected)

The services specific to your account will be determined by the water and wastewater utilities servicing your location and by selection of Shawnee County Refuse or a private refuse hauler.

To open a new account or transfer your service address on an existing account contact the Utility Account Center at 785-368-3111. You will be asked to provide the following information

Your name, service and billing address (if different), home phone, social security number, birth date, employer, employer phone number and whether or not you wish to give another person access to your account information.

Your selection of either Shawnee County Refuse or a private refuse hauler (if opting for a private hauler, we will need the name of the hauler).

Shawnee County Refuse Residential Accounts: If you selected Shawnee County Refuse, no other call is necessary. Your Utility Account Agent will activate your refuse service and be able to provide you with pick-up day, rates and options.

Shawnee County Refuse Commercial/Industrial Accounts: You will need to speak directly with Shawnee County Refuse, 785-233-4774, to ensure proper container size and health/environmental requirements are met.

Private haulers must be contacted directly and are not a part of the City utilities bill.

The date you want to have your water turned on at your new address and the date you would like to have your service discontinued at your current address (if applicable).

If you are a new customer, never having a City of Topeka utility account, you will need to present a valid Picture ID at City Express, 620 SE Madison, M-F 8AM-5PM, before service can be turned on.

An account transfer will initiate a final reading at your current address and water service shut-off, and a beginning reading at your new address and water service restored. Account balance must be current (no past due amount owing) before water service can be activated at your new address.

Restoring water service (turn-on): We provide next day service (M-F, 7:30AM-5PM, except holidays) free of charge or you may schedule in advance, as soon as you know the applicable date(s). For an additional fee of $24.00 we provide one day service. To protect our customers, we require someone of legal age be available at the address when our representative restores the water service. We provide morning or afternoon appointments or we will be happy to call you approximately 15 minutes before we arrive so you can meet us at the property. If no one can meet us, as a convenience to our customers, we offer a Release Agreement (not available late fall through winter). Release Agreements are not recommended. There is real potential of damage when water service is restored without access to building. Signing a release, releases City of all liability for damage caused by running water. Completed release agreements may be faxed to 785-368-3825 or submitted in person at the City Express Payment Center in the Cyrus K. Holliday Building lobby at 620 S.E. Madison St.

Water Service Turn on Release Agreement

Cindy Collins, Customer Services Manager
Duane Overfield, Meter Srv Manager
Susie McFarland, Utility Billing Manager

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