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​This web page is intended to serve as a courtesy service only. All Legal Notices are published in the Topeka Metro Newspaper as required by law.

Auctions are at 9 am; the gate opens at 8:30.


Auction Details

If the owner does not claim the same within 10 days of the second publication of this notice and pay removal, storage and costs incurred. 

The sale will be held at the Police Impound Lot located at 322 NW Crane St. Vehicles will be available for inspection by prospective buyers on the day of the sale from 08:30 AM to the time of the sale. Vehicles must be paid for at the conclusion of the sale and removed immediately. Vehicles remaining on the lot after the sale will be charged $10.00 per day for storage.

It will be understood by the buyer that the Topeka Police Department guarantees not a thing on the condition of these vehicles. Most vehicles have no ignition keys. The Topeka Police Department will send the paperwork to the buyer within 30 working days of the purchase to  enable him/her to obtain a Kansas Title.

No one under the age of 18 years of age will be allowed to attend the auctions whether they are accompanied by an adult or not.


Police Auction – 12/20/2017 

ColorYearMakeModelBody Style   VINVehicle Owner
Blue1996BUICKLesabre4 Dr1G4HP52K8TH424070Christopher Scott Kendall
Gold2002BUICKCentury4 Dr2G4WS52J721128648Marcia f Potts
Brown2008BUICKLucerne4 Dr1G4HP57268U111963Jonathan Joseph Purvis
Blue1990CHEVCelebrityS/W2G1AW84T6L2114344Julia or George Feyh
Yellow2002CHEVMonte Carlo2 Dr2G1WW12E529346327David howard Lang
Tan2004CHEVBlazer4 Dr1GNDT13X34K146983Donald perry Jones
White2000CHEVMalibu4 Dr1G1NE52J9Y6308442Michelle lee Chalkley
Green2000CHEVCamaro2 Dr2G1FP32K3Y2164741William Michael Bennett
Blue2005CHRYTown & CountryVan2C8GP64L55R322050Chastity dawn Cunningham
Gold2004CHRYConcorde4 Dr2C3AD56G54H593533Matthew john Shirley
Silver2002DODGEDurango4 Dr1B8HS78Z72F181652Jonathon Hilleland
Red1988DODGERamP/U1B7HW04YXJS673207Lawrence or Carol Holm
Green1995DODGEDakotaP/U1B7GG23Y3SS292600Kristie Long
Blue2007ETONMt BikeM/CycleRK15BB0C07A007102Charley lee Hollins
Red2004FORDEscape4 Dr1FMYU03124KA52067Anthony harold Holding
Silver2007FORDFusion4 Dr3FAHP08Z67R172194Jason or Leann Walters
Silver2005FORD5004 Dr1FAHP25125G147016Marsha Davis
White1992FORDTempo4 Dr2FAPP36UXNB191928Georgeanna d South
Blue1996FORDThunderbird Lx2 Dr1FALP6242TH162297None
White2002FORDTaurus Se4 Dr1FAFP53U22G175027Lawrence joseph henry Coan
Silver2001GMCJimmy2 Dr1GKCS13W112128996Stephanie alecia rhiannon Hart
Silver2007JEEPWrangler2 Dr1J4FA54197L180878Amanda michele Anderson
Black1984KawasakiZn700M/CycleJKAZN6A17EA003797Joshua or Dena Bradshaw
Blue1993LINCTowncar4 Dr1LNLM82W2PY753490Felton L. Mccray
Gold2000LINCContinental4 Dr1LNHM97V7YY780035Christine l Geisler
Black2002LINCTowncar4 Dr1LNHM82W92Y656527William joseph Johnson Ii
Maroon1997MAZDA6264 Dr1YVGE22C2V5660600Cheryl L. Matlock
Red2002MERCCougar2 Dr1ZWFT61L425615677Sonya l Rex
Red1999MERCCougar2 Dr1ZWFT61L0X5619202Neil a. Dunham or Theresa M. 
White1997NISSANSentra4 Dr3N1AB41D0VL020690Stephanie Lynne Howard
Red2004NISSANFrontierP/U1N6ED29Y34C453304Larry or Kay Steele
White1997NISSANTruckP/U1N6SD16S2VC360224Crystal roxanne herrera
Red2003PONTBonneville4 Dr1G2HZ541X34168710Ashley breanne Bugg
Blue1998PONTTransportVan1GMDX03E9WD316255Cara lee Seltsam or Ashley Ramirez
Black2002PONTGrand Prix2 Dr1G2WP12K62F287620Bradley H. Ranch
Green1997PONTGrand Am4 Dr1G2NE52T3VC853112Bradley Bowsersox
Gray2006PONTG64 Dr1G2ZG558064184540Valeria Puente-flores
Blue1999SATURNS Series4D1G8ZF5280XZ263630Christina Munoz-stambaugh
Green1996TOYOCorolla4 Dr2T1BB02E3TC156474David wilbert Mann
Black2009TOYOCamry4 Dr4T1BE46K69U387035Savanna Kochaniec
White1999TOYOCorolla4 Dr1NXBR12E6XZ255764Kellsey ann Mains or Muhammad Arif

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